Friday, April 18, 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS freigegeben.

Ubuntu ist nach wie vor trotz der manchmal unverständlichen Alleingänge von Mark Shuttleworth die beste Anfänger Linux Desktop Distribution. Auch für Anwender die jetzt nicht Linuxexperten sondern ein einfach zu bedienendes und sicheres Betriebssystem zum Arbeiten suchen ist Ubuntu sicher erste Wahl. Die neueste Version 14.04 LTS wurde gerade freigegeben und für alle die immer schon einmal einen Versuch wagen wollten ist jetzt sicher der beste Termin da 14.04 eine LTS Long Term Support) Version ist, die für einen langen Zeitraum mit Updates versorgt wird. Ausserdem sind LTS Versionen immer stark auf Stabilität ausgelegt. Nicht desto trotz enthält aber auch die LTS Version aktuelle Software. Das einzige Schade ist die Entfernung des Datensynchronisationsdienst Ubuntu One.

Wie immer hat Andreas Proschofsky vom Standard die Version bereits ausführlich getestet.

Den Downlad des Releases findet man hier.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Use the Lotus Symphony sidebar in Libreoffice

One of my favorite features in Lotus Symphony was the sidebar. On today's wide screens a classic toolbar or the ribbons in Microsoft Office on top of the document does not make sense, especially in a Text processor where the documents are in portrait format. A sidebar as in symphony uses the screen space much more efficiently. The sad thing is that IBM has abandoned Lotus Symphony, but fortunately IBM has open sourced their changes to the Openoffice codebase. So i can use my favorite feature in Libreoffice again.

Here are the steps to activate the sidebar in Libreoffice:

Upgrade your Libreoffice to at least version 4.1.5 or better to the latest version 4.2.3.

If you use Libreoffice 4.1.x than activate the experimental features in the options. In 4.2.x this step is no longer needed, because the sidebar is not an experimental feature in 4.2.3 anymore.

 Activate the sidebar in the view menu

Then you can deactivate all standard toolbars which contains functions that are now available in the sidebar. For example the formatting toolbar.

As a bonus you can rearrange the find toolbar next to the standard toolbar. With this changes you get two lines more space vertically. You see that with this changes writer have a new fresh look, and does not longer look like an MS Office 2003 clone.

And while the sidebar is very handy in writer, it is absolute fantastic in calc. Because without the sidebar many formatting options are only available in modal dialog boxes which make the work in calc unnecessary slow and complicated.

So if you liked Lotus Symphony you should really try Libreoffice with enabled sidebar feature.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Limits of Db/2 in IBM i V7R1

Yes our mighty IBM i Db2 can really handle big databases, but everything in our universe is limited. So if you need to know the exact limits of Db2 on the IBM i you can find them in the new IBM knowledge center.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Windows memory management explained in Detail

There are so many myths about memory management in windows. Often people use the task manager to show that program X is a resource hog, because it is eating too much main memory. But most time they are using the wrong columns and make wrong assumptions whats going on. Analyzing memory problems on windows needs a deep understanding how memory management in windows works and which tools you can use to find problems.

One of the best sources for this kind of information is Mark Russinovich the author of the famous Sysinternals tools. If you want to become a memory management guru, than watch his presentation "Mysteries of Memory Management Revealed Part1, Part2".

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

IBM has announced Technology Refresh 8 for IBM i V7R1

Today IBM has announced the TR8 for IBM i V7R1 to be available on June 6. 2014. You can find detailed descriptions about the new features on developerworks. 

I think we will see an announcement of the new Base Version V7R2 with many new functions at the end of April or in early may. So stay tuned for the latest news.